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“Friends don’t let friends ride race bikes made in China” – RCimages



A new scratch built carbon bike using the Enve super tubes…………


Reid 2


Here’s this beautiful bike under pressure on Ventoux. Reid Carter at 58, just ripped off his best time on the desert mountain….1:33:11. Two minutes faster than a previous ride in similar conditions. Two years later, two minutes faster and he had jettisoned the Trek. Not bad for twice the age of the pros, no dope and no tailwind.


Two lightweight, high performance rides. The 58cm version weighs 14lb, 0 oz. and is doesn’t have an eggshell frame.


Nathan ready to romp on Seahawks Special!




George Streadwick, the rider of this candy orange steed, has a pretty strong racing past competing both in Canada, the UK and Belgium. He’d been riding a Dura Ace US Postal Trek and made the move to Dura Ace equipped EM2….lighter and faster.  He sent a good email after his first extensive ride….

“Massive Earthquake Hits Vancouver….

..oh wait…it was just the new bike flattening the hills. Can’t believe how it responds to a bit more effort when you think you’re dying near the top of the climb.



and a comment or two from the good Dr Jeff on his new found velo…

Hi Randy,

The bike is amazing.  I (and my arthritic back & shoulders) thank you.

After each ride, I feel healthier, stronger and better balanced.

The difference between my Cunningham and my old road bike

is similar to the difference between skiing ice and powder!

Thank you so much!


The Blue Bomber – candy yellow over blue sapphire.


We tried (and succeed I think) to emulate this bike’s owner’s ‘69 BRG MGB.

The yellow trim was often used by MG, Lotus and Aston-Martin on their auto racing efforts.

IMG_4525 2

Just got these words from the owner of this new ride.

Sorry about the goofy spacing, it was just a cut and paste and I can’t figure out how to

re-organize it…….but you’ll get the idea.

“I went to the Sunday morning “no drop” ride with the Vernon Wheelers

intended for “B” riders. I looked around and went OH OH, only 8 “A” riders showed up and me.

In the past attempts to ride with the “A” group I would last only a few kms. Two dropped off

in the early going and we were left with the hard core.


I lasted to 61KMs and then I could tell my legs were starting to tighten

so I dropped off and finished the 90KM. Speeds of course were fast from my perspective,

not theirs. At one point we were climbing a modest hill at 31kph. Maximum speed was 61.7.


The bike was great, clearly capable of staying with the A riders, I could accelerate at will

if my legs had any gas left. Hills were no problem, the gearing is perfect.  We went up

some solid grade hills. The bike was comfy(seat is great!) although the pea gravel farm

roads are a pain, no fault of the bike.


The reality check came yesterday when I rode my old bike with my wife.

The new bike has better brakes, is more comfortable, shifts quicker and

fits much better!  The old one felt well old!

The old bike was fitted twice with “experts”, one had diploma in bike fit!

But your fit is better.”


Then this was just sent over from another rider that loves his bike!




One of the new full custom built carbon frames built with Enve tubes from Utah, titanium BB shell and stops from California and built in Vancouver BC. (Note symbol/quote above pic)



track 2

Another one of our new hi temp pre-preg custom carbon bikes. This one was used by German National team member Denise Schindler at the 2012 Paralympics .


Denise qualified 3rd in the pursuit but just missed the podium in the final. She found great consolation by winning the silver in the Road Race.


This wild gang of Cunningham bikers all did better than their expectations at the Seattle to Portland ride this year. Not a worry amongst them.

AVR bow 991

Classic Cunningham bikes

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