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Back in the Saddle

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

As some of you know, I managed to break my pelvis in a rather bad way some weeks ago and I am now the owner of a couple of stainless plates thoroughly fastened to the inside of my pelvic structure to keep several broken pieces in place. My front wheel was soundly clipped by another rider and I just fell in an odd, straight up then straight down manner. Didn’t half hurt I can tell you. I can certainly feel Beloki’s pain from a few years back.

Nevertheless things have progressed very well indeed and yesterday saw me out on the road for the first time in weeks. Having never sustained damage at that level its amazing how much one misses the mobility and freedom. Naturally the weather in these parts turned excellent two days after the crash and continued until the day the doc said you can do some flatland riding now. Note the kit in the photo.

AVR bow 1121

Note also that while crutches are required for foot travel, the magic of wheels makes them disappear. It was so wonderful to actually be able to feel the wind created from pedaling in the face again. Turned out to be a great one hour flat zone ride, 70-76″ gear, no pain. Consider myself very lucky there was no head or spinal damage which it could have easily been.

I thought I had been extremely lucky with my bike damage too as all I noted was a ground bar end and scuffed tape. Sadly for my favourite bike (the one the pic) I noticed a tiny stress fracture near the BB. Further examination after the ride showed that the bike had indeed come down very hard on the opposite side as the outermost portion of the pedal was mushroomed over from the impact. Big bummer…took me nearly three days to paint that thing.

Again I feel very lucky it wasn’t worse because even beyond the health aspect, we have SO much bike work on the go and that’s just too much fun to miss out on.

Ride carefully, ride smart.