Custom fit, custom colour, custom build at ‘off the rack prices’

BikeThe concept of this program is to provide the customer the opportunity to acquire a very competitive bicycle or frame that’s geometry has been selected to optimize their own anatomy. Even people of a similar height come in a very different range of proportions. As an example, as I am 5’9” with shortish legs and an arm span of 6’4”, there is no stock frame on the planet that fits me, even with a 140mm stem installed. Conversely, many women have a long leg to body ratio requiring a more laid back seat angle but also a shorter top tube length. We can provide!

We achieve this by having up to three different geometries (various top tube lengths and seat angles) in any given frame height.

In addition, the bicycle will be assembled and painted to the customer’s requested specifications. As a wide inventory of all frame geometries is kept in stock, there is no wait time for the frame to be built.