It’s all about the passion.

Grade 3 it was, when Randy Cunningham stripped his first upright coaster brake bike of all superfluous paraphernalia and installed racing style handlebars wrapped with some of his father’s electrical tape. This was the beginning of a life filled with every aspect of the racing bicycle world; from competing on both track and road, retailing, importing, sponsoring, coaching, race organization and frame building.

At the age of 19, Randy Cunningham opened his first bicycle store which quickly became known for fast bikes and was to become western Canada’s largest racing bicycle dealer.

BikeYears of traveling to Italy’s top builders showed Randy the passion of these men (not marketing companies) who all believed what they did was the best. Through all this experience from the thousands of fittings, it became obvious that even though two people may be the same height, their proportions may be radically different. For many, the “off the peg” frame simply cannot be a perfect fit.

This was to bring about the Cunningham custom frame business in the late Nineties. Meticulous road and track frames were built in either traditional lug style or a fillet brazed, classic or compact layout. Every customer’s dimensions were drawn in a full size pedaling position and then the frame was drawn underneath these dimensions to give the actual blueprint of the frame. This practice ensured a perfect fit and many happy customers.

The only drawback to this full custom frame build is of course the cost, so we have now conceived the RealFit program wherein for any given frame size, there are varying geometries to suit nearly every rider’s anatomical shape.

Exquisitely finished, hand built Dedacciai Scandium/carbon composite frames or bikes, painted to your request are available at for what is often paid for a standard factory product.


Eventual 3rd place Lido Crema leads the Masters group at 2009 BC Championships. The bike had to be ballasted to meet UCI weight compliance.

Cunningham Bikes at the Worlds 2009

Silver Medallist Zach Bell prepares for the Kilo start

Silver Medallist Zach Bell prepares for the Kilo start


Jacob Schwingboth in Moscow at Junior Worlds

Jacob Schwingboth in Moscow at Junior Worlds

Canadian Women's Team Pursuit clinch Sivler Medal at Beijing World Cup

Gold Medal winners in Cali, Columbia, the Canadian Women’s Team Pursuit clinch Silver Medal at Beijing World Cup