Claymore clincher wheelset

We’ve had these wheels for some months now but have never had sufficient quantity on hand for more than our bikes. We finally have some ‘extra’ stock available with the arrival of the last shipment.

Built with DT Competition spokes these 20/24 30mm wheels weigh in at 1540 gm/set w/o skewers and about 50 gm more with 14 straight gauge spokes all round.

Available for Shimano/SRAM/Campagnolo, these wheels have proven to be very fast, responsive wheels for their price point and extremely tough as well, with some riders weighing up to 240 pounds. The 30 mm aero section provides a fast, clean cut through the air without being bothered by crosswind situations.

Price: $595.00/set




From the same source that brings you stems like FSA and Ritchey, we are doing our own name on these two beautifully fabricated handlebar stems. Available in 9-13cm lengths, these stems are a perfect balance between light and rigid. In a 10cm length the alloy version weighs 125gm and the carbon with full carbon cap another 10 grams. Both stems are 6 degrees and use only stainless hardware…no worries about snapping the bolts, unless you’re a complete….well…you call it.

Alloy – $79.00

Carbon – $149.00


AVR bow 910 AVR bow 912

We’ve just added a couple of more options to your choices when looking for a Cunningham bike. Once again…serious performance and fabulous value.

As mentioned previously we’ve managed to acquire a limited number of  high modulus, carbon monocoque frame sets from one of the world’s leading manufacturers for a very good price. These aren’t the common ‘made in China’ type but rather a product from the same layup tables in Taiwan that build for companies like Pinarello and other high end names. They come in two styles: one with a heavy 12K layup and an alloy steerer fork for heavier riders. The other is a lighter 1K weave with monocoque fork for riders under 85 kilos. …see large tube section frame in the photo below.

AVR bow 921

Starting at $3995.00 we can build you a custom painted, personalized version with the FULL 2010 SRAM Force group, our own fast and solid Claymore 20/24 wheels, carbon post, FSA bars, that weighs in at 17 pounds.

If you want to go the ‘custom shaped for you’ Deda EM2 frame add  $200.00 and save a ful pound of weight (just under 16 lb total for 53cm frame).

The 1K weave bike is quite light at 975gm for the frame only which brings another 1/2 pound off the total bike weight. It costs and additional $300 over the EM2 unit.

Naturally the parts selection noted here is only a guide as with all Cunningham bicycles, you can choose from a very wide range of all components. We still do all the Campagnolo groups as well as the latest SRAM Red. Call or email for a quote.

AVR bow 909 AVR bow 911

The current range of custom-fitted Cunningham framesets are built with Dedacciai EM2 scandium alloy tube sets employing a curved, shock absorbing carbon rear triangle. After much consideration and research it is my opinion that this combination is the ultimate for a long term performance bicycle. The frames are in the same weight class as a full carbon monocoque (lighter than many), they have a resilient ride feel not unlike steel (none of that notorious ‘dead’ feel of most aluminums).

The seat tubes are also a larger diameter, at 32.4mm ID. This increases sprinting and climbing response while adding nothing to the harshness of the ride quality. The machined head tubes are slightly longer than the norm for a given frame size thus reducing the need for as many of those unsightly fork spacers.

BikeAll the junctions have a double pass weld. As well as minimizing the heat exposure to the alloy this process also creates a beautifully smooth joint without using the strength reducing filing process. No filler or even high build primer is used on these joints.

Unlike many of the manufacturers that claim ‘custom paint’ by simply subbing different colours on preset layouts, all Cunningham framesets are painted on an individual basis.

BikeAll the frames are chemically treated immediately after assembly to avoid any oxidization that would otherwise occur. The frames are primed with a special Dupont epoxy created for use on such a substrate. We also use only the finest colour and clear coats from the world finest paint manufacturers such as Glasurit, PPG and R-M. And remember, you can pick any colour/shade you want. Although… it’ll be subject to if I think it looks good.

We have a fairly wide selection of forks available from companies like Dedacciai, Reynolds and Advanced Carbon. All frames include a FSA headset, stainless bottle screws and a seat clamp.

We offer a wide selection of saddles, handlebars, stems, bars, wheels, tyres and other parts so that you can get the bike fine tuned to your requirements. Having said that, there is no shortage of items we won’t use on our bikes because they are below minimum quality standards (ours), heavy, a bad design, not necessary or just plain ugly. We have all seen the products from companies that put on a few good components then mix in some no name junk to increase profits.

There are no compromises here. All parts used on a Cunningham bicycle will be of excellent quality and up. Count on it.

2010 Cunningham Pricing

Pricing for your custom made Cunningham bicycle can start at just below $4000.00 CDN, but due to the current economic instability and the fluctuating currency values the world’s monetary system is having, please contact us at 604-340-6915 for accurate, up to date quotes on you desires.